MarkPlus Islamic

MarkPlus Islamic, founded in 2021, has long roots spanning over  31 years of MarkPlus Inc.’s journey. As a pioneer of professional  services in marketing in Indonesia and even ASEAN, MarkPlus has helped many companies included in the pillars of the Global Islamic  Economy. MarkPlus’ involvement is not only in the field of training  but also develops into research, marketing strategy development,  and brand activation, which supports the development of sectors  included in the Islamic Economy.

The distinctive characteristics of Islamic Marketing, which are  not only for humans but also in a life hereafter, make MarkPlus exposed to business actors included in the Global Islamic Economic  sector, Islamic book publishers, and Islamic educational Amil Zakat institutions. This interaction and exposure have encouraged  practitioners of Islamic educational institutions and Amil Zakat  institutions to take marketing competency certifications issued  by MarkPlus. The certification and various training followed, for example, by the perpetrators of Islamic educational institutions and  the perpetrators of the Amil Zakat institution, have enriched the  application of Islamic Marketing in Indonesia.

The desire of Islamic Economic stakeholders in Indonesia, such as  Bank Indonesia and the National Committee on Islamic Economy  and Finance, to become the world’s number one player based on  economic indicators has made MarkPlus create a team dedicated  explicitly to Islamic development under the name MarkPlus Islamic.  The MarkPlus Islamic team will combine MarkPlus thought concepts  with Islamic Management and Islamic Marketing principles in  training, research, consulting, and brand activation. Although the  brand is still new, MarkPlus Islamic already has a clear positioning and  solid differentiation and experience.

As part of MarkPlus Inc, the MarkPlus Islamic team is ready to provide partial  services in training, research, consulting, brand activation, or integrated  services.

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