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WOW Brand 2023 Highlights: Car Brand

WOW Brand 2023 Highlights: Car Brand

Customer Segment

Typical Car Brand customers tend to choose brands that have more premium quality at a higher price (27%), followed by brands that have more affordable prices (27%).

Purchase Frequency

Customers considering buying or replacing cars once in 6-7 years, and on average, have used/are using 1-2 car brands.

Customer Path

The Car Brand industry possess a Trumpet-shaped Customer Path, which implies that typically, brands within the industry should increase their Commitment Conversion. 

BAR Metrics

Given the industry's wide BAR Range and low BAR Median, brands within this industry should focus more towards their services.

Industry BAR 

The Car Brand industry has a Brand Advocacy Ratio of 0.23, which assess how many people who are aware of a certain brand also recommend the brand.

Industry PAR

The industry obtains a Purchase Action Ratio of 0.12, which assess how many people who are aware of certain brand also purchase and/or use the brand.

Winner Highlights

The WOW Brand 2023 winners are chosen based on the highest Brand Advocacy Ratio. In the Car Brand Category, Toyota holds first place, followed by Honda in second place and Daihatsu in third place.

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